The installation is designed to paint the plastic parts and to apply one layer of paint over the working cycle. The priority while designing this line was first capacity and requirements of quality standards, in particular the environmental conditions associated with air cleanness, because the line was mainly intended for painting parts with black high gloss.

The technological process provides the manual loading and preparation plastic parts. Components designed for painting after the degreasing operation are automatically blown with ionized air, which prevents the attraction and deposition of impurities on the surface of the parts. The parts are transported to the spray booth (equipped with a dry filter), where the coating is applied. Then the solvent evaporation and polymerization of the coating in the dryer. Special construction of the oven enables optimal air recirculation, reducing to a minimum the loss of warm air to the outside. This makes the cost of heating are highly optimized.

According to information received from the user’s line, it reaches a result FTQ approx. 92% (based on the 2 months since the launch of the process in terms of series production, the color black high gloss).

This result is our success as a supplier of machine and is success our customer, who planned and launched the production process.