A well-prepared specification of the painting line is the basis for the success of the entire project. Such a document is not only detailed guidelines for the contractor, which do not always have to be obvious and known. Requirements that should be taken into account when building a painting line are the expectations and limitations of the contracting authority. These can be the following, in addition to basic data such as the line performance, painted details, used painting material and the available surface:

  • customer’s (OEM) CSR requirements
  • system requirements (e.g. process monitoring, records supervision, etc.)
  • requirements of the supplier of painting materials
  • legal requirements (which must of course be met unconditionally even without specifying them)
  • other requirements of the contracting authority (resulting, for example, from obtained environmental permits)


The specification for the line design and the specification for the execution of the project may differ. Usually, the specification for a project is less precise, leaving more room for maneuver to the designer.

A well-prepared specification for the construction of a painting line is also a tool for carrying out the acceptance.

The better the specification is prepared, the clearer are the rules of cooperation and there is less misunderstanding between the contracting authority and the contractor.