Designing and construction of painting lines

Each project refers to design and construction of a painting line and is based on the following steps:

  • analysis of the needs and possibilities of the construction of the painting line
  • preparation of proposals with regard to specific customer’s requirements
  • proposals for cost reduction and efficiency improvement
  • project updating and assembly works
  • operators training
  • start up and commissioning of paint shops
  • support in homologation process and start up of the production process.

Designing a paint line, we consider the components that will be painted – dimensions, raw material which they are made from, painting products, required capacity and flexibility of the line like frequency color changes, requirements regarding components’ quality, law requirements of work safety and environmental impact. It is important as well to consider financial resources of company which are planned to be spent for the investment.

What distinguish us on the market are optimal solutions that deliver guaranteed quality of the painting process combined with relatively low investment costs and further operating costs.

Several years experience in the automotive sector and cooperation with various Customers has provided us with a strong knowledge about their specific requirements in terms of process, product quality and procedures.
Thanks to such background we are able to offer support also during the process of component approval.

Our Realizations