In order to evaluate the possibility of production process optimization we take time to outline the current situation. After analyzing the data, interviews with staff and observations define the initial assumptions about the level and direction of optimization. Preparing an offer includes areas which have the highest potential to be improved, and the reasons and anticipated savings. Together with the client we define details on the principles of cooperation and compensation.

In the next stages we are working according to a plan previously adopted. We assume regular reporting of results and presentation of the further steps.

Optimization of the process can be carried for:

  • reduction of  the production cycle
  • reduction of nonconforming components
  • reduction of production costs
  • improvement of  maintenance activities’ organization.


As we know how important a rational management of financial resources is, we offer an attractive system for wages calculation  for services performed by ourselves, which is closely linked with the elaborated savings.

Consequently, using our services generate costs for the customer only in case it has the measurable benefits of cooperation with our company. In this way we reduce our customers’ risk of unjustified expenditure.