Audit is a tool that we use to assess the system or a process in terms of particular, specified requirements. The fact that audits are conducted by independent auditors guarantees objective and professional assessment of the auditing area.

We offer auditing services including:

  • first party audit – at the Customers’ request we audit their management system or a specified process
  • second party audit – carried out at the Customers’ supplier premises. The audit’s objective may be to assess the risk connected with sub-contracting a service- verifying suppliers’ organizational and technical capacity to provide that service

Audits are conducted according to the criteria specified by the Customers which may include:

  • ISO 9001 requirements
  • IATF 16949 requirements
  • internal documentation
  • specific Customer requirements- included e.g. in the contract with the Customer or in manuals- applicable to the automotive industry


The audit lays the groundwork for every service we provide.


Audits may be carried out:

  • in order to identify areas needing improvement,
  • in order to assess whether strategic customer requirements are met (e.g. ahead of a customer’s/a potential customer’s visit),
  • ahead of a supervision/certification audit

Reliable information and the assessment of the current situation of a company constitute for us a prerequisite for planning any further action.

Audit provides the answer to the question what level we have achieved so far and what needs to be done to further improve the achieved results.